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Flight Changes & Refunds

Death of an immediate family member who is not travelling

If you have already started your journey and are affected by an immediate family bereavement please contact a local call centre, who will work with you in making arrangements for your return journey.

If you have been affected by a bereavement of an immediate member of your family within 28 days of your intended flight date  and you do not wish to travel, We will provide a full refund upon application.

Please click here to apply for a refund

In order to process your refund request without delay please submit/attach the below information

  • Submit your flight reservation number
  • Confirm your relationship with the deceased
  • Attach suitable documentary evidence
  • Confirm which customers on this flight reservation require a full or partial refund
  • For information, Ryanair considers the following family members as "immediate":

    Civil Partner
    Children (including adopted/step children)
    Parents (including step parents)
    Brothers & Sisters (including step siblings)
    Grandparents & Grandchildren

    Note: The same consideration will be given to the travel companion of the bereaved.