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Priority Boarding/Allocated Seating

Which seats can I select?


All seats are available for selection and purchase.

Customers may select and purchase their preferred seat online from the time of booking right up to 2 hours before each booked flight.
There are 3 types of allocated seat available for purchase:

Front Row Seat from €/£ 15.00 - Row 1 A, B, C and 2 D, E, F. Rapid exit seats include priority boarding free of charge.

Premium Seats* from €/£ 10.99 - Row 2 A, B, C & rows 3-7, rows 16 & 17 (extra leg room) . Premium seats include priority boarding free of charge.

Regular Seats from £/€5.99  – All other seats (rows 8-15 and rows 18-33).  Regular Seats may be upgraded to include Priority Boarding for a payment from £/€2.99 per person/per flight.

Customers who do not wish to select and purchase their preferred allocated seat, can check-in online between 7 days and 2 hours before each booked flight and will be allocated a seat free of charge.

Allocated seat fees are non-refundable except as provided in Articles 4.2, 10.2, 10.3 and 10.4.

Seat Restrictions

For safety reasons to sit in an emergency exit seat (rows 1, 16 & 17) you must be:


  • 16 years or older
  • Willing and able to help in the event of an emergency
  • Not traveling with an infant (in addition rows 15 & 18)
  • Not be a large customer requiring  a seat belt extender
  • Not have not booked an extra seat (comfort or additional item)
  • Not requiring airport special assistance of any kind*


For safety reasons a maximum of 2 infants can be seated in any row (one on either side of the centre aisle) except rows 1, 15, 16, 17 & 18)

We reserve the right to reassign allocated seats at any time for operational, safety or security reasons